Our Cushions

Fabric and Colors

Our cushions are made from quality cotton-polyester fabric and are double-stitched with nylon thread. The colors are: Black, Chocolate Brown, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Forest Green and Rust

How to choose Zafu filling

Buckwheat stuffing is especially good for back support when sitting cross-legged. Kapok is a softer filling and often preferred for a kneeling position.


The zafu, a round cushion, is basic equipment for seated meditation. We have three sizes.  About 75% of our customers buy the medium size. In general, the smaller and more flexible you are, the smaller the cushion needed. Small size is 5" high, 12" diameter; medium is 6" high and 14" diameter; and large is 7" high and 16" in diameter. The zafu is stuffed with kapok or buckwheat hulls. We strongly recommend buckwheat hulls for firmer support and savings.


Zen Home Stitchery is the original designer of the wedge, a meditation cushion that adheres to the “form follows function” principle.  By slightly tilting the pelvis forward, the wedge helps to place the body in an erect position while bringing the knees down to the mat in cross-legged postures. The wedge is also good for positioning the body in a chair sitting posture The buckwheat hull stuffing provides additional sitting comfort.


The zabuton is a rectangular mat used under the zafu for cushioning knees and legs.  We have two sizes:  

Regular (27" x 33", 5 layers of batting)

Large (30" x 35", 5 layers of batting). 

Support Cushions

The small support cushion is for use as a leg or hand support. It is 8" x 13" and is stuffed with cotton batting or buckwheat hulls.  
The large cushion is 14" x 14" and is stuffed with 4 layers of cotton batting. It is used to elevate the zafu.

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